Corporate Governance:

Our Board of Directors is made up of prominent business people and professionals from different backgrounds who provide guidance to the Bank. The Bank has several Board Committees which gives support to the main Board. As the pioneer in Sharia compliant banking, the Sharia Supervisory Board approves all our products, services and processes. The Sharia Supervisory Board is made up of prominent Islamic scholars drawn from within and outside Tanzania.

Our Employees:

Amana Bank (an equal opportunity employer) has a dedicated, experienced and professional team of employees who are well trained and ready to deliver the highest levels of service to its customers. The Bank offers products and services that meet the needs of not just the Muslims but everyone. Whether you are an individual or corporate, we can provide you with a full range of world-class financial solutions.

The meaning of Amana:

In the Kiswahili language, amana means trust. Our brand is a sign of security and prosperity, with Amana Bank, you are in safe hands. Our brand stands for security, fairness, ethical world-class financial solutions, economic empowerment to all stakeholders, partnership, social responsibility and superior performance.

The Leader:

One of the main motivating factors for establishing Amana Bank has been the need to provide an alternative to conventional banking, thus providing an ethical and fair mode of banking for all. Amana Bank is well aware of its responsibility of being the trailblazer in leading the growth of a stable and dynamic Islamic banking system leveraged on cutting-edge technology. The Bank intends to spread its wings throughout Tanzania and beyond over a period of time, thus providing customers easy accessibility and convenience through various delivery channels.

Exchange Rates

16-Nov-2018 // TZS

UK Pound STG2,872.473,024.17
Euro EUR 2,545.57 2,680.58
US Dollar USD 2,277.50 2,327.50
Full Rate Sheet

Customer Service:

Tel. 0657 980000


"That which you give as interest to increase the people’s wealth increases not with God; but that which you give in charity, seeking the goodwill of God, multiples manifold.
(Surah Ar Rum, Verse 39)"