• Based On Unrestricted Mudharaba Contract
  • Available TZS Only
  • Opening Balance TZS 0/-
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee TZS 1500/-
  • Account Maintenance Balance TZS 2,000/-
  • Monthly Average Daily Balance Required Participating in the Profit Sharing TZS 100,000/-
  • Not Allowed to Overdraw Except for Bank Charges and Commission
  • No below Minimum Balance Fee


  • Peace of Mind in Placing Funds with a Bank that uses it in Halal Transactions
  • Very Low Opening and Minimum Balance
  • Attractive Halal Profit
  • Easy to Open and Operate
  • Unlimited Teller Transactions
  • ATM Debit Card
  • Access to ATM Mini Statement
  • SMS Alert to Subscribers When Salary is Paid
  • Quick Cash Transfers within the Bank
  • Quick Balance Inquiry Service
  • Annual Bank Statement


  • One passport size photograph
  • Copy of new driver’s license or voter’s card or passport
  • Introduction letter from local government / employer / lawyer / existing customer / bank staff
  • Residence / work permit for non-residents

Exchange Rates

19-Jun-2019 // TZS

UK Pound STG2,8172,966
Euro EUR 2,510 2,643
US Dollar USD 2,271 2,331
Full Rate Sheet

Customer Service:

Tel. 0657 980000

Email: customerservice@amanabank.co.tz

And for their taking interest even though it was forbidden for them, and their wrongful appropriation of other peoples' property. We have prepared for those among who reject faith a grievous punishment.
(Surah al-Nisa', verse 4:161)