Our core values are the broad set of guiding principles that will direct the decisions and actions Amana Bank staff will be taking as they execute their daily duties.

  • Ethical – We conform / adhere to accepted highest standards of Sharia principles
  • Professionalism – We carry out our responsibilities with high level of excellence, competence, accountability and passion at all times.
  • Transparency – Our operations are conducted with no hidden agendas. We undertake to make full disclosure of information to enable our customers make the right decisions.
  • Trust – We have confidence in our capabilities and conduct our business with integrity.
  • Receptive – We are approachable and supportive to our customers, employees, the community we serve and all other stakeholders.

Exchange Rates

19-Jun-2019 // TZS

UK Pound STG2,8172,966
Euro EUR 2,510 2,643
US Dollar USD 2,271 2,331
Full Rate Sheet

Customer Service:

Tel. 0657 980000

Email: customerservice@amanabank.co.tz

"That which you give as interest to increase the people’s wealth increases not with God; but that which you give in charity, seeking the goodwill of God, multiples manifold.
(Surah Ar Rum, Verse 39)"