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Business & Personal
House Financing

House financing is a product designed to solve the problem of increasing demand of accommodation and commercial sites in Tanzania resulted from the increasing population, business expansion and economic growth. The product is structured under unique Sharia Compliant Mode of Islamic Banking, Diminishing Musharakah. Through this structure the customer owns the house gradually until he/she eventually becomes the sole owner of such house.

  • It is Based on Sharia Compliant Mode of Finance; Diminishing Musharakah
  • The same House will be Taken as Security or Part of Security
  • Tenure – 7 Years to Employees and 5 Years to Business oriented Persons
  • Max Amount – 100 Mil.
  • Client’s Contribution, Minimum 20% (to Business oriented Persons)
  • Age of Client at Expiration of Contract, < = 60 Years
  • Property Insurance 1%
  • Transfer Fee to be Borne by Client


  • Haria Compliant Deal
  • Fulfilling the dream of owning the House
  • Dedicated Relationship Officer
  • Reasonable Pricing




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